Pop-Up Fabric Media Walls

Fabric Pop Up Media Wall

Pop Up Fabric Media Wall Display

Pop Up Fabric Media Wall

With End Cap

$950/pc – 3 × 3

$1050/pc – 3 x 4

Without End Cap

$900/pc – 3 × 3

$1000/pc – 3 x 4

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Pop-up Fabric Media Walls are great trade show displays products to get a big format exposure to exhibitions and events. Easy to assemble and disassemble and they take up small space when transported. Available in several sized and as straight or curved shape. You might also want to consider Tension Fabric Media Wall as other option.

Choose between POP UP FABRIC MEDIA WALL which is the easiest to install and the PVC POP-UP MEDIA WALL which almost gives the impression of being a permanent media wall. All prices include the rack, printed graphic, carrying bag and shipping.

Pop Up Fabric Media Wall
Pop Up Fabric Media Wall

A pop-up fabric media wall is a great product to display your company in a large area at exhibitions and events. It assembles and disassembles in less than a minute and is easily transported. Available in several sizes in a straight or curved shape. The graphics are printed on a high-quality fabric with great color depth. The fabric is attached to the aluminum assembly with Velcro and doesn’t have to be removed when the Pop-Up Media Wall is folded together. The assembly clicks itself into place with magnets when you fold it out.

Custom Pop Up Fabric Media Wall